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Stim Plus Bio

Nitrogen organic fertiliser fluid mixture
Stim Plus Bio


STIM PLUS BIO is an organic nitrogen fertiliser (foliar and radical) rich in l-amino acids and growth promoters allowed in organic farming. It is the result of extensive scientific research and experiments conducted on different crops in different climatic conditions. It accelerates the biochemical activities of plants, at any phenological stage, resulting in qualitative and quantitative improvement of the productions. STIM PLUS BIO, in addition to nutrition action, stimulates the vegetation, improving flowering, fruit set and fruit growth, particularly in critical periods or on stressed plants.





Organic carbon (C) of biological origin 10%


STIM PLUS BIO is used at doses of 3-5 kg/ha, in foliar spray, in the coolest hours of the day, on all crops, making sure to moisten the plants very well. We recommend volumes of water no lower than 10 Hl/ha. STIM PLUS BIO can be given in applications localized at doses of 10-15 fertigation hl/ha. It can be applied also in the nursery sector to improve the rooting of seedlings, at doses of 500 gr water/hl. If using organic fertilizer or soil improver, it is forbidden to feed farmed animals with herbage taken through the pasture or administered after being harvested for at least 21 days after application.


Stim plus bio is compatible with the majority of fertilizers, except copper salts, sulphur based products and excessively basic products. We suggest to do small, preliminary testing to ensure perfect miscibility of the product.


Stim plus bio, with normal application, does not show phytotoxicity on any crop. We recommend small, preliminary testing to ensure any phytotoxicity on individual species and varieties.



The product is available in formats of 10 kg.


Store STIM PLUS BIO in a cool and dry place out of reach of children and pets. The product cannot be sold in bulk. The container cannot be reused and must not be discarded in the environment. Dispose of in accordance with regulations. Protect from frost. The product is not combustible. Store the product at a temperature between 4 and 30° c.


Best Green Technologies guarantees that the product, in the closed packaging, has the features reported on the label. The instructions reported on the label must be strictly followed. If the product is used not in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, no guarantee is provided on the application results. Buyer assumes all risks due to improper use of the product.
 The use of this product implies that the buyer accepts the above reported conditions without reservation