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Molibdenum Plus Bio

EC FERTILIZER Solution of molybdenum-based fertilizer (ammonium)
Molibdenum Plus Bio

Molibdenum plus bio is a molybdenum-based fertilizer for foliar applications allowed in organic farming; it represents the result of extensive scientific research and experiments conducted on different crops and in different climatic conditions. Molybdenum is an essential element of the enzymes present in the nitrogen cycle; its deficiency is manifested by lack of nitrogen assimilation by plants. Molibdenum plus bio is a highly innovative formulation that allows to quickly make up for the lack of this microelement and resolve quickly the disorder induced on the crop. In leguminous plants, molybdenum deficiency limits the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen resulting in reduced formation of tubercles. The use of molibdenum plus bio reduces accumulations of nitrate in leaf crops (rucola, salad, spinach, etc.).

molybdenum (Mo) soluble in water 5%



MOLIBDENUM PLUS BIO is used at doses of 1-1,5 kg/ha in foliar spray. To be used only when there is a recognised need. Do not exceed recommended dose.


Molibdenum plus bio is compatible with the majority of pesticides and fertilizers with the exception of the products too alkaline (pH > 8.5). We always suggest to do small preliminary testing to ensure perfect miscibility of the product.


Molibdenum plus bio, on normal application conditions unmanifest phytotoxicity on any crop. We recommend small preliminary testing to ensure any phytotoxicity on individual species and varieties.


The product is available in formats of 10 kg.


Store MOLIBDENUM PLUS BIO in a cool and dry place out of reach of children and pets. The product cannot be sold in bulk. The container cannot be reused and must not be discarded in the environment. Dispose of in accordance with regulations. Protect from frost. The product is not combustible. Store the product at a temperature between 5 and 40° c.


Best Green Technologies warrants that the product inside the closed container reflects the label characteristics. Follow exactly the instructions displayed on this label. When using the product not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, no warranty, express or implied, is given on the effects and results. Buyer assumes all risks due to incorrect use or storage of the product. The use of this product implies that the buyer accepts these conditions without reservation.